Monday 22 June 2020

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2020 marks the 75th anniversaries of VE Day and VJ Day when the Allied nations celebrated victory over Nazi Germany and Japan. But in today’s context, as conflicts descend into protracted crises, what does it really mean to ‘win’ a war and what challenges do we face when it comes to peacebuilding? Journalists, peacebuilders, artists and academics question the concept of victory through a series of debates, discussions and performances.

The digital series is free to view via Imperial War Museums’ from 30 June 2020。


  • ; Martin Griffiths, UN Special Envoy for Yemen and Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, former Chairperson of the Peace Panel of the Government of the Philippines, about their varying experiences of steering a country to peace.

  • Conciliation Resources is an international non-governmental organisation committed to stopping violent conflict and creating more peaceful societies. For over 25 years, they have worked with people impacted by war and violence, bringing diverse voices together to make change that lasts. They connect the views of people on the ground with political processes, and share experience and expertise so others can find creative responses to conflict. 

    To keep up-to-date with the work of Conciliation Resources, .

Conflict: Look Closer

Conflict: Look Closer

*Please note, discussion participants do not represent the views of Imperial War Museums or Conciliation Resources.


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